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Write Goodbye Email to Colleagues on Last Working Day

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December 23, 2019

How to Leave an Old Workplace with Grace

There can be many reasons for which you leave a company; there could be professional growth problems, specific problems with colleagues, or you could have found a new and better opportunity. Whatever the case may be, it is always preferable to end things on a positive note. Most of the times, a simple goodbye email will suffice. It is often called a farewell email, or goodbye email for the last working day.

The main purpose a goodbye email on the last working day is to give a very good and friendly image of yourself in front of your colleagues. Otherwise, you could be projecting a very negative image of yourself, which could harm the image that you have created. It is also extremely important to maintain and upkeep the professional relationships that you have maintained, since these can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. The job market for a specific field is usually very small, and it’s highly possible that you come across someone from your current office in another workplace, or you might need to come back. To ensure that such things are handled in the best possible way, it is important to write friendly yet professional sounding emails.

This is extremely important and very beneficial as well. Most people say that the last day is usually the most difficult; you tend to get emotional while saying goodbye to some people, while you simply can’t wait to say goodbye to others. There are all kinds of people that you meet at a workplace, some you hate, while some become great friends. However, being a professional and working in a professional environment, it is not recommended to handpick those you want to say farewell to, and those that you want to avoid.

It is obvious that we tend to get attached to some people, and the situation might get very awkward. This also makes it a very bittersweet occasion, and it leaves you wondering whether you should say your farewell in person, or write to them. Deciding what is the right way to address your farewell to your co-workers is the tricky part.

What Exactly is a Goodbye Email?

A goodbye email is usually a pithy and concise, yet polite, email message that you send to all of your company (depending on who you interacted with), boss, clients, work friends, or any other office staff. It could be a few lines of farewell, or it could be a longer email where you convey your feelings and well wishes to your colleagues, as well as informing them about your departure’s time and day. It is important to note that a goodbye email should be completely different from a resignation email, as the wording as well as timing for both is different. A resignation is written keeping in mind the notice period you are required to serve, while the last day email is written on the day of your departure from the company.

Leaving a company is often compared to a breakup. First, you tell your partner that this isn’t working anymore, and then you take a month or a few weeks to pack up your things and wrap up any joint duties that you both shared, and separate with some type of settlement. Resigning is similar: you tell your boss that you have found a better place or it isn’t working out anymore at the current firm, and then you serve a notice period to tie up loose ends, finally walking away with a final settlement such as your salary and your reimbursements. At the end, the situation is both awkward and bittersweet, and you may hate or love each other just like in a relationship. This goes to show that leaving a company and going to a new place is as turbulent and emotional as any personal matter.

Whether you loved what you did or hated it, the truth remains that it you are bound to get sentimental while leaving. But, in a professional environment, the best way to handle your departing words is through a well-crafted email.

Leaving an Old Job Isn’t Easy

The ‘I’m leaving’ conversation can be very dreadful, and a moment no one wants to go through. Sending an email before leaving is actually the best way to do it. Besides, if you really liked any of your coworkers, it leaves a door open for your work friends to reach out when you leave. It serves as a follow-up, where people can share their well wishes and thoughts with you when you leave. This enables them to remember you on various occasions even after you leave and pack up. This isn’t only standard office behavior, but it also helps you make sure that things are ended in the best way possible.

When you think of it, it seems like an easy thing to do. You write a few lines about how you enjoyed your time, make a few special mentions, and voila you are done. But in reality, farewell emails can be very tricky. Keeping the balance between the formal, informal, friendly, and professional can be a real challenge, and mistakes are highly possible. It can turn out to be a real challenge to write a farewell email in such a situation. In this article, you will see various tips and methods on how to write those bittersweet farewell emails.

So, to start with, a goodbye email is usually an informal message. You have to give off the impression that you are friends with everyone, you are sad to leave them, and that you loved working here. After that, you need to share your experience in the office and any other thoughts that you want to get across before you leave. By experience, it means you have to also include the non-work related things about the workplace, and not only your technical experience. Your email should reflect that you were happy or satisfied with the general atmosphere of the place that people working there get as an individual, and not as an employee. However, do remember to not address your boss directly, since this isn’t your resignation letter. It should be addressed to your colleagues at large.

Proceed With Caution While Writing a Farewell Email

Everyone who has held a few jobs in their career knows that the last day can be often emotional, and sometimes there may be some tears as well. That said, every farewell is different from the other. You might just want to run away from some places, while you are sad to leave some people behind. Therefore, a well-crafted email is the best way to bid adieu to your clients, boss, colleagues, and work friends.

This needs to be done very carefully, since the tone the email conveys is extremely important. You should take your time drafting this message, as it is very important to find the right balance of tone between formal and casual, friendly yet professional. If you go overboard with the friendliness, it can come off as unprofessional, along with being disrespectful to your leaders or managers, while being too formal can come across as stiff and smug to your colleagues. Therefore, to start with, words should be chosen that set the right tone of the email; one that sits well with everyone. Therefore, the most favored approach is a standardized body of an email. Later, you simply add a few personal touches by adding a few chosen words and phrases. Also, sounding too emotional can be off putting as well, and may backfire.

One thing to remember is that you need to sound energetic and positive in any case. If you try to come across as a victim, or as someone who is overly sad, it will not sit well with others, and may come off as whining or even insincere. Keep yourself in the place of the reader when you are writing it, and make sure to not include any words or phrases that you, as a reader, may not like in any way. Furthermore, always keep in mind that you may need a specific person’s or company’s reference in the future for some other job application.

Keeping all of this in mind, whenever you’re leaving the job, you must take some time to think and write down what you have to say in your email. A well-crafted farewell letter can do wonders, and make a permanent place in the hearts of those you have worked with. In any case, it is always the best way to leave a job.

The people that work with you during your tenure of a company are a very integral part of your professional network, and always help your career or CV in some or the other way. They could be useful for a reference, for character witness, help in job search or introducing you to other people who you can grow with and who can benefit from your professional network. Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to know that writing a farewell email is the important thing to do. Now, below there will be some tips that will enable you to write a friendly, impactful, yet professional email on your last day.

How to Write a Goodbye Mail on Your Last Working Day?

Although penning a farewell email is quite difficult, the tips below should help in writing an email that is perfectly worded with a great tone.

  • It should be short and formal: It can seem like quite the moment to write a long and well detailed email about how you feel, what you liked, and what you didn’t like. However, remember that you are writing a farewell email and not a complaint letter or analysis of how the company is. Hence, you have to make sure that the farewell email on your last day is crisp, clear, and concise; giving off an upbeat and motivational feel. You must always remember to add your personal information, so that anyone who wants to reach out has a way to.
  • Be thankful: It is always a good practice to write a few lines about how it was to work in the company. This means a note of gratitude towards the office staff or anyone who ever helped you in the workplace.
  • Keeping the approach balanced: When you are writing a farewell email, the best approach is a balanced approach. Be happy about starting in a new place, but never talk too much about a new job as this could turn people against you. So, remember to be very humble as well as concise.
  • You can separate emails in case of confusion: It all comes down to the persona, as well as the atmosphere of the company. Some people mix and socialize with the bosses, while some don’t at all. In such confusions, it is better to write a separate email to the boss, and another one to the colleagues. You can change your tone and phrases accordingly. This will please both the formal individuals, as well as the friends.
  • Choose your subject line wisely: Choosing good subjects can have a great impact on your email. It ensures that the reader catches it, and doesn’t ignore it by accident.
  • Talk about work: This is one of the main things that show how sincere you were with your work. If you are going away, there is no harm in discussing the final work to be done on some project you left underway.

Some samples for goodbye email on the last working day

Hello All

I am writing this email to bid farewell to all of you. In addition, I would like to inform you that I am leaving my position of [designation] at [company name]. Tomorrow [date ] will be my last day at work. Before I leave, I want to day that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of your in this this company. I highly appreciate the fact that I had wonderful opportunity to work with all of you.
During the course of these last two years, all of you have provided me support in one way or the other along with much needed encouragement and guidance. Due to this I became able to perform par excellence at the projects given to me. There are many of you with whom I have shared a special camaraderie which I hope to carry on in the years to come  despite the fact that I will not be present in the company. I am now ready to move forward, and look forward to the exciting and new position that brings with it more challenges and adds even more variety and knowledge to my career.

I wish the company all the success in the future

I would like you all to feel free to reach out to me whenever you like on the following contact information:



I will be sending out linkedIn request soon as well to expand my professional connection. Please accept If your receive one

Thanks and Regards,


Here is another example of last working day email to manager and others

Hello Everyone,

Finally the penultimate moment has arrived when I have to pen down a farewell email for everyone. It goes without saying that given the nature of our work, the year in this company has been nothing short of exciting and happening. After a year of highs and lows,  I am bidding adieu to this company to in persuit of better career opportunities. As I leave, I would like sincerely thank each and everyone of you for making my time here a memorable one. I will remember to remember and cherish our times together. It was great knowing all of you and while I have made some great friends here, I am ready to move on  to better things and new challenges that come with the new phase of my career.

In the end, this isn’t a goodbye, more of a “until we meet again”

A special thanks to my manager [], along with team mates and my internees [] and [] for making my work much easier and so much more fun for me.

Please do stay in touch at the below given personal contacts.Email ([email protected])
Contact phone number (123 456 7890).

Would love to see a note from you people in my personal contact list.Good luck to all you  and the company in all the future endeavors!

Best regards,
[ ]


As a last instruction, remember that the email is more suitably sent a few days before leaving. This gives the colleagues and juniors a chance to say their good bye and well wishes in person if need be. If you send it right at the moment you are going to leave, it will seem insincere, as well as eager to leave. Therefore, an appropriate gap is important before sending the farewell email and leaving the country.

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