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Top Reasons to Become a Dental Assistant

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December 27, 2019

Are you looking for a new career or just starting fresh out of high school? Do you want a career where you don’t have to strain your eyes by sitting in front of a screen for hours?  A career that provides you with an opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face? If you’re interested in helping people and expanding your personal connections, then becoming a Dental Assistant might be the right career choice for you.

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Dental Assistant’s tasks:

The duties of a dental assistant might give you reasons to become one.

Dental Assistants typically do the following:

  • Ready patient for oral examination and also to make sure that the patient is comfortably seated.
  • Keep lab equipment in working condition and sterilized.
  • Schedule and keep a record of appointments and follow-ups of patients.
  • Take and develop all radiographs and x-rays correctly.
  • Ensure the room is properly arranged and equipped for dental procedures.
  • Keep a record of the medical history of patients and take their vital signs.
  • Providing aftercare which includes drying patients’ mouths and educating about oral hygiene.
  • Manage the billings and payments of patients.

The main reason for becoming a dental assistant is to take the additional burden of these tasks off the shoulders of dentists so they (dentists) can give more time and attention to their patients.

Reasons Why You Should Choose the Profession of a Dental Assistant:

Here are some of the reasons you should pursue a dental assistant as a career:

Potential to grow faster

If you’re in search of a career that can grow substantially, consider becoming a dental assistant. According to the latest statistics, the projected growth of dental assistant is estimated at 19% by 2026, by far the greatest pro of dental assistant’s career.

Short-termed and affordable

Only 9-24 months of training is required to become a dental assistant. Also, dental assistant school is affordable as compared to medical school. This means you can finish your degree quickly and start earning faster.

Positive working environment

Are you one of those people who feel prisoned by sitting in a chair and staring at a computer screen all day? Dental Assistants have the liberty to move around and interact with people from different social strata. Moreover, a dental setting offers a clean, safe and upbeat work environment. You’ll have all the perks of an office workplace sans getting stuck in front of a computer screen all day.

Personal and professional growth

A tension-free and healthy work environment means you have more opportunities for personal and professional growth. Working closely with dental surgeons and hygienists provide you with a possibility to polish your skills and accrue your knowledge while you keep earning money alongside.

Vast choices

After getting a diploma in dental assistance, you’ll not feel tied down as dental assistants are needed everywhere. With several types of dental specialists, you’ll have a vast number of offices and clinics to choose from where you could work. Rarely, any care gives you such a free hand.

Bonding and Socialize

Working as a dental assistant, you get to meet many people daily from different classes and cultures and connect with them.

Other opportunities

You might want to become a dental assistant because you’ll have a plethora of opportunities to decide from in the dental industry. You’ll have gained enough experience to be able to become an office manager or dental assisting instructor. Moreover, after accumulating ample knowledge and learning, you can continue your education to become a dental hygienist or a dental surgeon.

Salary and other remunerations

It’s a win-win situation because the cost of training is low, and the income potential of a Dental Assistant can be exciting once you have become certified. They receive medical insurance, paid holidays, free dental care and paid sick leave. These financial benefits continue to increase once you have gained considerable experience. Becoming a dental assistant is not only rewarding but also ensures your career stability.

Some Drawbacks of becoming a Dental Assistant:

Like two sides of a coin, this job of a dental assistant also has a negative side to it.  However, with a few precautionary steps, you’ll be good to go.

Cleaning patient’s bodily fluids

As it’s one of the primary duties of a dental assistant to ensure patient’s pre-and-after-procedure care, this involves some very unpleasant tasks like cleaning saliva, pus, or blood.

Work near unpleasant mouth odors

As you have to assist a dentist while he’s taking an exam or performing a dental procedure, that means you’ll have to stand and operate close to the patient’s mouth. This will sometimes expose you to unpleasant odors or lengthy dental procedures, which might make you queasy.

Risk of body ache and numbness

During dental examination and other extensive dental procedures, dental assistants sometimes have to sit in uncomfortable positions for hours while tending to patients, which can cause backaches, strained muscles, pain in the neck, or numbing of arm and wrist.

Can be tiring and stressful

Being a dental assistant is not a desk job, you might still have paperwork you’ll need to file for patients, but mainly you tend to be on your feet all day working closely with other staff and patients.  Also, you work indoors wearing protective clothing (gloves, masks, safety glasses), and around noisy equipment. Somedays might become more challenging when you have to deal with patients who are angry or rude with you due to their dental pain. It gets stressful and tiring if you are not a people’s person or have a high level of tolerance and good communication skills.


Like any other career, working as a dental assistant has its pros and cons. Cleaning up a patient’s bodily fluids like saliva, blood, or pus and dealing with unhappy and unpleasant patients are some of the least attractive aspects of being a dental assistant. However, if you look past these minor bleak aspects of the job, the perks of the job outweigh its drawbacks. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive work setting, getting a job has become quite a strenuous task; and landing oneself a job that also pays well has become even more difficult. In that case, becoming a dental assistant might be the right path for you as it offers you an opportunity to earn handsome money after a very short period of training. Not only this, but it also has the potential for growth and advancement.

Very few careers will provide you with an opportunity to earn well, along with keeping your options for switching careers open. Besides, you meet and connect with people from different walks of life and enhance your knowledge.  If you want to pursue a career that keeps you vigilant and provides you with a chance to help people, then becoming a dental assistant might be the best choice for you.

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